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The name Cequential is derived From Sequence, a series of things following in order, progression. The name used in the mathematics used to calculate curves, ie. ellipses and parabolas.

SE became CE in honour of East London, South Africa, my home surf town. CE was the vehicle registration. Finding Lahinch and Co. Clare, CE I take as an omen of right place, right path.

History of Shaper.
Ian Johnson
Born 1958, Kenya.
Started Surfing:
1972-73: South Africa
First board shaped
Became professional boardmaker
Established in Ireland

To shape, to form, to fashion
In the early seventies in East London it seemed everyone made their own boards. Throught the winters of 1972-73 we were blessed by the presence of shaper and surfer Randy Rarick, today one of the prominent figures in the organisation of pro surfing. His factory was open and everyone learnt directly from him. The shaping bug had bitten me and no lod boards were safe around me till I started work and could buy real blanks.

In my time I have have come from the first shortboards to the present, 29 years of surfing. Single, bonzer's, twins, 4 fins, thruster's, the return of the longboard, minimals and hybrids.